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To Market, To Market, to buy a Fat …


crazy large organic carrots at the market.

crazy large organic carrots at the market.

I used to really hate going to the market. All those people. And the smelly fishmonger. And the yelling. I mean, really, how can anyone stand all of that? Occasionally I would go to a market in another town (and then end up hating it, or just being overwhelmed) because somehow it’s “different” if you are in Seattle, or Camden, or Münster but in actuality, it’s all the same. Vegetables, fruits, cheese, meats, fish, herbs, etc.

asparagus anyone?

asparagus anyone?

In the past year or so I’ve come to embrace the market a bit more. I don’t go every weekend, because, that would be nuts of course, but I try to go more often because the selection of fruit and veg is amazing and it’s much cheaper in most cases. Since I started juicing more, I want more bang for my eurobuck and buying fruit and veg at the supermarket just won’t do.

eat me

Normally I go to the same stand every time – this is one of the confusing things about the market. How are you supposed to know who has the best broccoli or carrots, for example? You can walk all over and shop around but ain’t nobody got time for that! So I now pretty much go to the same stand and load up. I must come home with 10KG of stuff in my (bike) bag. At least it feels like that when the bag is still on my shoulder!

while I prefer to buy in packages (perhaps I should rethink that...) this stand had herbs, spices and even nuts you could buy by weight.

while I prefer to buy in packages (perhaps I should rethink that…) this stand had herbs, spices and even nuts you could buy by weight.

At the market is also nuts and cheese – I don’t eat much cheese these days, but yesterday I bought some freshly roasted pecans and almonds (and then, oops, ate about half the pecans on my way home! Delish!) because I wanted to put nuts in my pulp bread this time around. Nuts are expensive here! So honestly it doesn’t matter if you buy them at the market or not. (Side note: I also went to the dairy farm and bought farm eggs, honey, mustard, apples and low-fat cheese, all from the region).

Must. Not. Eat. The. Cheese!

Must. Not. Eat. The. Cheese!

My staples these days are:

If something else takes my fancy I’ll pick that up as well. For example yesterday I picked up some alfalfa, 2 lemons and 2 limes in addition to my regular load.

My "regular" fruit and veg stand.

My “regular” fruit and veg stand.

I never thought I would enjoy the market as much as I do now. I still think the fishmonger stinks and there are far too many people, but hey, you can’t have everything, right?

Do you have a market where you live? Do you shop there for regular groceries? Or are you an avoid-at-all costs type?

How to make a simple dinner look and taste amazing

Sometimes I get a little sick of how limited I feel at the moment with food. So what I know how to cook I’ve been trying hard to make not only look nice but taste delicious as well.

Saturday night I made salmon. That’s a really great fish with loads of good oils in case you hadn’t yet read the memo. With it I had sugar snap peas (OMG – I thought these were off the list but in Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed book, they are listed as yes foods), broccoli, sesame seeds and sun dried tomatoes. I made some rice for the Hubs (needed a break from cauliflower) but stayed away from the fluffy white stuff myself.

I use sun dried tomatoes that are NOT in oil already; I basically take them, add a bit of white wine vinegar, 1 TBSP olive oil and boiling water and let them swell up for a bit.

I “marinated” the salmon in lemon juice, garlic and 1 TBSP sesame oil – for two pieces of fish (1 was 140gr and 1 170gr), fresh rosemary and sesame seeds, salt and pepper to taste.

I steamed my vegetables but put a bit of lemon juice and sea salt on top – this made the colour stay incredibly green!

The end result was really amazing! Just a simple meal that really looked and tasted amazing. No one can say that eating healthy is boring!