Food Entry

When I want to look back on what exactly I was eating

Tweet what a day! so very busy.  I finally stopped working at 9.30pm.  I was at home, thank God and I did have a “break” to go to an appointment in the afternoon.  ugh.  no work tomorrow and Friday! Wednesday Breakfast – coffee, 1 kiwi, 2 soft-boiled eggs, 2 slices […]

Daily 18/11

Tweet Monday! Breakfast- coffee, 1 kiwi, 100gr chicken lunch meat, 1 clementine 2 points Snack- 1 triple tall non-fat latte 1 point 1 Americano Lunch- Lentil & Carrot soup (homemade), dark wheat roll, 1 LC light triangle 5½ points Snack – tea (nothing added) Another Americano 70 gr blueberries, 100gr […]

Daily 16/11