Not Really Starting Over 2

Just carrying on.

I had a weight loss blog through 3FC but there was so much spam lately and, besides that,  I felt the blogging options were a bit limited.  I’ve recently restarted my normal blog (for the eleventybillionth time) and don’t want to clutter that up too much with this stuff… so here it is.

For the record I am not new to weight loss blogging at all.  A long time ago, I had a website where I actually built in several pages to cover my weight loss success story and continuing challenges to keep off the weight.  That website since went belly up and my weight went belly out.  The story of how all that happened has elements of depression, relationship fail, job fail and what looked like obvious suicide attempt by food and drink. I’m past all that now – it took me AGES – but it’s been a long time coming that my body actually reflected how I felt about my life and myself.

The past few months have been good as far as weight loss maintenance goes, exercise has been great – mostly the running, which I thought I would never do – but food is not consisent.   Conveniently enough, the first day of the month of November 2009, I’m challenging myself to track every day and stay within points or earn points through exercise so that I at least don’t technically go over my daily allowance.

This month is also the month I have my foot operated on, for Morton’s Neuroma so staying within points and not eating an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting because I feel sorry for myself is also going to be a challenge.  There has got to be a way to overcome emotional eating and I’m going to find it if it’s the last thing I do.

Hopefully my foot will heal quickly and I will be able to run again very soon afterwards because my dear colleague MvdB has talked me into doing a 10K in Amsterdam on 6th of December.

My points allowance is:  22 points
Today: 22.5 points
Deficit: -0.5 points
Exercise: 47 min elliptical/ 6 points earned
Points Saved: 5.5
Water: not nearly enough
Veg & Fruit: not nearly enough

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2 thoughts on “Not Really Starting Over

  • Renée

    Hi Ginger – the answer is Yes and No.

    The “Emotional Eating” from when I gained all my weight back is definitely solved now. I worked on myself from the inside for that. Finding out what is eating YOU is the only way to know why you are eating/binging to feel “better”. It was a long process.

    Nowadays the emotional eating seems to be from either stress (at work) or boredom. When I identify that the reason I want to eat something from the candy jar for example is stress (which is really a no brainer because I only go there during stress moments) I will either just fight the feeling or take a little walk, maybe go get a cup of tea, distract until I’m not thinking of the jar anymore. For boredom it’s kind of the same… identify what I can do besides eat and then go and do it.

    Sounds perfect and easy, right? It’s not always, but for the most part I do not emotionally eat very much at all anymore.

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